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Largest, Most Referred DJ Service

Established in 1978, we are highly recommended by the finest reception sites, wedding professionals, and people YOU know. Our impeccable reputation, experience, and proclaimed success is rewarded with credibility, recognition, and respect in this community, attesting that 85% of our business generates from word of mouth and referrals.

Satisfied Customers

Having performed at thousands of weddings & special events, we take pride in portraying consistency and efficiency. Our infinite music library is continually streamlined as a commitment that aims to please and satisfy people of all ages. We approach every event with a fresh set of eyes, knowing that no two events are alike. The entertainment is the last thing that guests experience at an occasion and it's what they will remember most the next morning..... satisfaction is a priority.

Continuous Entertainment

Unlike bands, we take no breaks, with the music superbly planned in advance & tailored to your specific wishes. Acting as a master of ceremonies our DJ's set the mood, control the pacing, and keep the party going from start to finish. Through experience, we instinctively know how to read the crowd and play the perfect combination of music to keep your guests on the dance floor. Quality technicians & back-up equipment guarantee continuous music.

Full Time Professionals

We are not part time like most DJ's; we proficiently focus on optimizing a full time professional service from the time you book us until the end of the event. We are on time, every time, proficiently prepared with the finest high-tech equipment and proper attire. Our dependable crews have the system set up hours before your event to ensure that everything is functioning properly.

Bridal Show Producer

Promoter of the two largest annual bridal shows in NW Ohio & SE Michigan since 1986, we produce the fall "I Do" at the Zoo Bridal Show and two day winter Superbowl Bridal Show. Bridal shows are one of the most powerful forces in the wedding industry to get brides away from their computers & bring wedding services to life by meeting face to face with wedding professionals to plan one of the most important days of their life!

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Special Entertainment
for that Special Day

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Perfect for Any Occasion...

Dances, class reunions, birthdays, Christmas Parties, Anniversaries, outdoor parties & Corporate parties, or any special event.


i do

"I Do" Fall Bridal Show

@ The Premier Complex
& Stranahan Great Hall
September 18th, 2016
2:00 to 6:00pm


superbowl of all bridal shows

"Superbowl of all Bridal Shows"

@ Premier Complex &
Stranahan Great Hall
January 28th & 29th, 2017
1:00 to 5:00pm


Lieber Fever

Lieber Fever Dance Party

@ Premier Banquet Complex